HelLOoW everyone!

I stumbled upon this youtube video by PBS Idea Channel Is Rick from Rick & Morty The Ideal Scientist? 

“Here’s an idea: Rick, from Rick and Morty, is the ideal scientist”

The video discusses some interesting thoughts on the science and its cultural relationships. Some quotes that caught my ear:

“Paul Feyerabend…proposes an alternative to the scientific method — Anarchism….His suggested method is one where anything goes; any and every form of inquiry — including but not limited to the scientific method — attempting to develop knowledge all at once. All methods smashing into one another —  some methods and modes of inquiry working counter to one another — but all of it seen as equally constructing knowledge”. (5:35)

“Science, like everything else, can’t totally escape the grasp of politics, culture, ideology, or economics. And so it’s unlikely, if not a little impossible, that all science is created equal and completely free from influence”.  (6:55)

I would love to hear your thoughts on the video + above quotes from the video + your thoughts in general about  contemporaneous political / cultural / ideological lenses that influence our pursuits in science + art.

Who are your artistic, scientific, social, influences? What  cultural / ideological influences do they have on your personal / professional practices + pursuits?