After weeks of intense production periods, we are coming to a crucial juncture in the Dialogical Stream: The finalized work of the first two streams is going to be transferred to the third group of artists and scientists. Both, artists and scientists, are further going to engage with our research topic. Each artist has ongoing conversations with a designated scientist at least once a month over the course of their production period. Communication between artist and scientist could take the form of phone conversations, email, video chats, postcards, photos, etc. Participants in this stream will be asked to focus each exchange on a designated activity or keyword e.g. methodology, associative thinking, metaphor, etc.

For the second phase the artists submitted works exploring sound, video, drawing and installation. Further entanglement is ensured with the third group of artist and scientists that will have to respond to a cumulated effort of 22 weeks of production of 10 artists and 9 scientists.