We are coming to a critical junction in the Tandem stream: The first two artists produced their works each in a 6 weeks time period and now the physicists have the chance to respond to the work until May 12! It is going to be exciting to see the outcome and to understand how this interaction will shape the artworks in the next 6 weeks.
Between April 21 – May 12 the two artists and two scientists in this stream come together for a face-to-face conversation where they collectively discuss the science topic, the artistic process and works in progress. The two physicists then have the opportunity to re-phrase the original science topic whether in the form of a conversation, a story, a drawing, etc. The artists then have another 6 weeks for a second iteration of their artistic response and continue to communicate with each other.
Brad, Nathan, Olivia and I already had a conversation and became very interested in the different materials we are each using in the process. This led to Nathan and Brad telling us more about the materials used in their specific experiments and sending us more information about these details. An alternative outcome was the focus on the reasons we try to explore things in science and art and how we work together as humans in teams with more or less competition. Since this was an international skype call – it made things even more exciting!