Process Design Workshop

Oct 11, 2016 Process Design Workshop at Emily Carr University

On October 11, 2016 we held a workshop at Emily Carr University for the Leaning Out of Windows project to brainstorm on process designs for multiple streams of interactions between artists and scientists. Participants included TRIUMF scientists (both theoretical and experimental physicists), a Fermilab (Chicago) physicist/collaborator, artist collaborators, project research assistants and art students from an interdisciplinary art/science studio class. We learned a great deal from this event, including the phenomenon that words themselves can have very different meanings depending on which discipline is using those words.

A rich brew of questions arose from the conversations comparing creative process in art and science; how intuition comes into play; how scientists experience creativity in their work; whether artists ever start their work as if framed by a question; how to build a bridge between two groups; what forms of interactions between physicists could be applied to the choreography of conversations across disciplines; how we may optimize the complexity of interactions? We considered the use of visual strategies used in scientific problem solving, such as Feynman diagrams as a possible underlying structure for developing the streams of interactions.