Phase 4

In this final phase we disseminate our findings through the website, a culminating exhibition and a publication. We will also continue with new research questions based on the results as well as redefining the project from an enriched perspective. We will look in particular to the moment the knowledge is transferred from the medium of “physics” to the medium of “art” and back to physics during the analysis. What happens to the knowledge? How does it change? Our speculation is that the process of Aesthetic Transformation by artists might offer key new knowledge in terms of framing the original science problem in emergent ways and therefore different from its starting point. Through a form of hybrid research what is apprehended might shift between artists as well as between artists and physicists. Our goals are interdisciplinary networking, idea exchange and communication regarding the design, production and visualization of scientific phenomena. Aesthetic Transformation, both a medium of social science research and a vehicle for the mobilization of knowledge participates in an international research effort and body of literature that investigates and supports art and science collaborations. Our process methods, collaborative strategies, and epistemology contribute to emerging contemporary practices that enhance new forms of thinking across culture, education and knowledge research.