Symposiums 2022

Art, Science and the Emergence of Co-Thought – towards New Pedagogical Models

– a creative research presentation to the Social Practice and Community Engagement (SPACE) SYMPOSIUM


Our focus in this presentation was to share aspects of Leaning out of Windows and give a sense of the social interactions that have informed what we are calling the Emergence of Co-Thought. Our intention was to highlight, in the context of SOCIAL PRACTICE – how LOoW has generated and built community engagement.

STEAM Symposium

Emily Carr University of Art + Design Friday April 22, 2022


Engaging with thought leaders bringing expertise from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), the symposium brings light to fresh questions, issues, and opportunities in how we think about collaboration.

Panelists – Randy Lee Cutler + Ingrid Koenig (Leaning Out of Windows ECU), Michael Doser (Senior Research Physicist CERN), Beatrice Franke (Research Scientist TRIUMF), Mimi Gellman (Artist, Designer, Faculty ECU), Clara Nellist (Particle Physicist, Science Communicator CERN), Nirmal Raj (Particle Physicist TRIUMF)
Moderator – Sanem Güvenç (Sociologist, Faculty ECU)

Co-organized and co-curated by ISM Arts & Culture, CERN, TRIUMF, ECU, Leaning Out of Windows, Science World, Swiss Confederation – SERI State Secretariat for Education, Research + Innovation, Embassy of Switzerland in Canada

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Innovation FEST International –
Opening Reception and Exhibition

Science World
Wednesday April 20, 2022 6-8:30pm


The intersection of art and science

By taking the opportunity to view unique moments recently captured within CERN facilities, professionals from Science World, TRIUMF, and Emily Carr University experienced in the convergence of art and science will come together to take a fresh look at the past, present, and future of these collaborations.

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