Translation Hub 2020

The Translation Hub 2020 addressed the objectives of the Emergence Process Design which sought to organize and assess a process of interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scholars and scientists that enabled hybrid research.

Research Creation Questions

In what ways can transformative methodologies of collaboration work to engage with the diverse
languages employed by artists and physicists?!

What are possible models for interdisciplinary learning in the studio and science lab that are creative and effective generators of new knowledge and its visualization?

Panel One

Encountering Emergence: between art and physics

Kimberly Phillips (art historian and curator)
David Morrissey (theoretical physicist)
Sanem Güvenç-Salgırlı (sociologist)
Moderators – Randy Lee Cutler + Ingrid Koenig

Panel Two

Emergent Metaphors: The Visualization Process

Djuna Croon (theoretical physicist)
Mimi Gellman (visual artist and educator)
Ernesto Peña (literacy education scholar and digital humanist)
Moderators – Elvira Hufschmid + Margit Schild

Open Conversation with all participants of Emergence Teams and the general audience.